Terms & Conditions

Online Top Up

  • Online top up is available for selected events only. For more information contact the event organiser
  • The balance added to your account using online top up excludes all on the day event fees required to get your Wayver wristband or Wayver card
  • If you do not attend an event but have completed online top up the balance will be available for refund after the event has finished minus the standard refund fee

Activation Fee

  • Wayver reserves the right to charge a one off activation fee on all wristbands upon entry to the event for the provision of the Wayver services
  • If the ticketholder has pre-topped up, the activation fee will be deducted from the pre-topped up funds
  • If the ticketholder has not pre-topped up, the activation fee will be deducted from the first top up

Credit Card Fee

  • Wayver reserves the right to charge a Credit Card Fee for online card transactions
  • The Credit Card Fee will be displayed when completing the online transaction


  • All refunds are subject to a refund processing fee
  • Vouchers or free credit cannot be claimed as refunds after the event
  • Refunds are processed after the event and is available for up to 3 weeks after the event has closed **
  • Refunds must be processed through https://refund.wayver.co.nz and require an account to be created
  • A refund application must be completed. You (the customer) are liable for any mistakes in your own application
  • Mistakes in your refund application may result is processing delays or in the case of an incorrect bank account number no refund payment
  • All refunds to international accounts (outside of New Zealand) will have the transaction cost removed from the amount refunded

When Can I Expect a Refund:

  • Refund payments are processed weekly after the event has been closed
  • Refunds can take 5-10 business days to process. We recommend you lodge your refund ASAP after the event to receive your refund promptly.
  • Refunds can be lodged for a maximum of 3 weeks after the event has finished
  • If you do not receive your refund 3 days after the FRIDAY you have lodged an application please contact

Late Refund Requests:

  • After the refund period for has been closed all unclaimed funds will be transferred to the event organiser
  • Refunds made after the refund window has closed will incur an additional refund fee of $2 for each month that has passed since the refund window has closed
  • Each event has a different policy as to when and how long unclaimed funds can be claimed. If in doubt please contact
  • It is recommended you apply for your refund as soon as the event finishes. After the refund period is finished refunds will no longer be accepted by the customer portal
  • If in doubt, please contact the event promoter

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